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You can access reports in Fusion via the burger menu or tools.

Via the burger menu

Select the burger menu icon on the homepage (three horizontal lines in the top left).

Image shows top left of Fusion homepage. The burger menu icon align left next to the PCC logo.

Select Tools, then Reports and Analytics.

Images shows options under Tools in the burger menu. Reports and Analytics is below Set Preferences.

Via Tools

Click Tools in the scroll bar, then Reports and Analytics in the apps menu

Image shows Tools menu from the scroll bar. Apps are shown in the window below the scroll bar including: Set Preferences, Worklist, Reports and Analytics (highlighted), Scheduled Processes and Collaboration Messaging.

Accessing PCC Supplier Post Code Search

Select Browse Catalogue on the Reports and Analytics page

Image shows browse catalog button in the top right of the reports and analytics page

Follow the pathway below within Folders:

Shared Folders > Custom > PCC Custom Reports > Global > 08 Reports > PCC Reports > PCC Supplier Post Code Search

Open PCC Supplier Post Code Search. You can search by Supplier Number, Post Code or Supplier Name. You can use % to search for all results containing a certain word.

If you were looking for the company Lily and Lime, you could enter %Lime% and the search will return all results containing the word Lime. You can use this if you only know part of the Supplier Name or Post Code.

Image shows PCC supplier information search. Supplier number, post code and supplier name are fields at the top of the page. Supplier name has %LIME% entered