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Smarter procurement through Fusion

Fusion offers a smarter way to buy goods and services. We can use its streamlined and automated tasks to pay suppliers quickly and efficiently.

Fusion allows us to:

  • create purchase requisitions
  • approve purchases
  • receipt goods and services
  • pay invoices for receipted goods and services by the Central Payments Team

All purchase orders begin as requisitions and Fusion automatically generates purchase orders once approved.

Here are the simple steps to purchasing through Fusion:

1.    Creating purchase orders

You are responsible for raising your own purchase requests through Fusion for goods and services you want to purchase.

Purchase requests are known as Purchase Requisitions in Fusion. Requisitions automatically convert to Purchase Orders once approved in Fusion and these are then sent to suppliers.

2.    Approving purchase orders

Requisitions are automatically approved if amounting to less than £50. Cost centre managers are responsible for approving transactions of more than £50. Approval can be made via notifications sent in Fusion or sent via email.

3.    Receipting the goods or service when delivered

When the goods or services are delivered you must receipt the orders in Fusion to confirm they have been received.

This enables the Central Team to promptly pay the invoice when it is received without needing to contact you further.

If an invoice is received by the Central Team and the receipt has not been processed, then the invoice will go on hold. You will receive an e-mail reminder to do a receipt.

The invoice cannot be paid until you have confirmed that goods or services have been  received by receipting them within Fusion.

4.    Paying invoices

Suppliers submit invoices to the Central Team with the Purchase Order number generated through Fusion. The invoice will be paid through Fusion after it has been matched to a PO and receipt.

Best practice - raising a purchase order

Following best business practice is essential to ensuring Fusion works as it should.

This includes raising an official purchase order, via purchase requisition, when ordering goods or services from a supplier. When the goods or services are delivered you must receipt the orders in Fusion to confirm they have been received.

This means the central Payments Team can pay the invoice efficiently without any further need to involve the person who created the purchase order, and avoids any risk of confusion, duplication and non-payment.

It is our normal policy that a purchase requisition must be created within Fusion at the point we request suppliers provide goods or services to us.

This allows an official purchase order to be e-mailed to the supplier creating a contract for the supply of goods or services, and leads to the timely payment of supplier invoices once the contact has been fulfilled.

Occasionally, it may not be practical to raise a purchase requisition and an exemption can be applied in appropriate circumstances subject to a clear business requirement.

In all other circumstances a purchase requisition must be created within Fusion and non-compliance with the purchasing policy will be monitored.

Ways to Purchase

You can raise a Purchase Requisition using a Purchase Requisition Form (also known as a ‘smart form’) or catalogue.

A smart form is available for each category of goods or services. You can search smart forms by category, account code or name.

You can raise a requisition using the built-in Fusion catalogue for Apetito or punch out for Amazon and Arco. These catalogues are quick and convenient methods for buying essential supplies.

Requisitions and purchase orders are easy to manage

All created requisitions and purchase orders can be simply managed from the Manage Requisitions page from the Shopping page. You can get to this from your Fusion dashboard using the navigator.

You can view and amend details of a requisition and purchase order using the search. Search results also show approval status.