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Flexitime calendar

The council seeks to support staff, whenever possible, to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Part of that support may involve offering the opportunity to work flexibly, rather than simply be required to be present during the traditional working day.

The council has produced a Flexitime calendar to help staff to calculate their hours.

The Flexible Working Hours Scheme policy can be found on PolicyHub.


Some roles enable staff to claim time off in lieu (TOIL) or overtime if you work beyond your contracted hours. Overtime may be authorised by the line manager for staff up to and including Band 7. In special circumstances, planned overtime can be authorised by the Head of Service for staff in Bands 8 to 15.

The subject is covered in the HR Overtime policy on PolicyHub, with details regarding key subjects such as eligibility, bank holiday working, and emergency overtime.

Claiming overtime

Claim forms must be completed for an overtime payment to be received

  • Full time employee – overtime (EXPD/AH1)
  • Part time employee – overtime (EXPD/AH2)
  • Casual worker – claim (JJ100C)
  • Planned overtime (EXPD/OT/Planned)
  • Call out (EXPD/CALL)
  • Standby temporary payments
  • Bank Holiday Payments Form
  • Sleeping-in duties (S56/85P – JJ192)

Claiming overtime online

A successful pilot was completed in August 2019.

Moving from paper to online claim forms will make the process to claim for overtime more efficient and quicker. The online forms are easy to use and the information on the online forms is the same as the information required on the paper forms.

The online forms for staff who want to claim overtime are:

Payroll – submit an overtime claim

Payroll – Approval

If you have any questions on this, please email

Guide to claiming overtime online