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The Procurement team acts as an internal consultant offering advice and guidance on the identification, sourcing and purchasing of all supplies, works and services required and promotes concession opportunities. The team ensure the council follows the correct procedures when purchasing and support council staff to spend public money wisely, to achieve the best possible value for the taxpayer.

The key responsibilities of the service include setting up and managing corporate contracts, offering advice for identifying, sourcing and purchasing of supplies, works and services, providing guidance on managing contracts and suppliers.

Whenever public money is being spent with an external provider, it is essential that you follow the council’s Contract Procedure Rules (CPRs). Before any purchase can be made, you must first establish whether the council already has a supplier. You can do this by checking the corporate contracts page. Only if no existing supplier exists should you work through the purchasing process – this varies, depending on the values involved. Please remember that when a contract value is over £5,000 a contract must be set up on InTend and the relevant procurement process must be followed, for more information on this please see the guidance and steps within the Which Route pages.

Links to procurement information

All procurement documents can be found on the procurement documents page. You can also view business partner contact details